Sax, Beats, and Turntables

LaQuin is a saxophonist, educator and songwriter, from Houston TX. LaQuin graduated from High School for Performing and Visual Arts in Houston, TX and holds a BA in Professional Music from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. 

LaQuin started his musical journey after a football injury at the age of 14, when he broke his collarbone, and his mom decided the sport was too dangerous for her only son to play.  Setting the stage for the saxophone becoming his new love and passion. He received his first private music lessons from the legendary Kashmere High School Band Director Conrad Johnson, turning an injury into a lifelong grind and commitment. 

On this journey LaQuin has made a commitment to empower youth through music, mentoring, and sharing his life experiences navigating through college to who he is today.  

LaQuin has released an EP titled Family Tree Roots, where LaQuin shares stories told to him by his grandmother Louise Lay about their family roots from the plantation fields in Mississippi to migrating to New Jersey. Leading to the new powerful single Vote Him Out Pt. II the Remix released November 17th, on all digital music platforms. 

LaQuin works as a mission driven Funk and improvisation solo artist consisting of sax, turntables, and LaQuin's on spot arrangements driven by Ableton Push.